Independence Day of USA Coloring Page For Kids

Activities coloring and drawing together the fruit of learning and appreciation of a child. Both serve to help develop children’s intelligence, especially to train the right brain in the arts. But both have the final result (output) is different. If coloring produces a color creations while drawing resulted in a shape to fit a child’s imagination.
Coloring and drawing very well when introduced early by pre-school age children. But we must remember, never forbid children to the creation of his imagination. Both in terms of coloring and in the drawing. For example, when a child draw a ball-shaped box though, should not be banned, scolded or dictated. Let the imagination develops itself. Should give the award in advance and then explore the reason why he chose that color and draw the shape. We will be amazed and in awe to hear it because the answers they are a reflection of his imagination.

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